The Story

About Rosie's Rescue

In the opening scene of Rosie’s Rescue, we meet a young woman whose difficult past and troubled present have suddenly come to a head.  She realizes that the decisions she makes today will determine her tomorrows.  But first, Rosie must go in search of answers.  Who is the mystery man from her past, and why does she think he may hold the key to her future?


In many ways, Rosie’s story is our story too.  Perhaps the crossroads in our lives are not as dramatic as Rosie’s, but there are times when we must set out to discover who we really are, if we hope to transcend the events of our past and the challenges of our future.


The answers to Rosie’s questions may surprise you, and hold you in even greater suspense.  We know you will find Rosie’s journey to be touching, authentic, and ultimately, as inspiring as the famous song which underscores the entire movie.

Leading the Short Film Revolution

About Rosie's Rescue

People today have less time than ever to commit to watching a full-length film, but they would love to watch a shorter movie that still provides a meaningful story, great characters, strong production values, and a top-notch cast!  In a busy world, we believe the short film can become the Cinema of Tomorrow, and we believe Rosie’s Rescue—at 22 minutes in length—can help lead the way.  No longer will the short film genre be viewed as the “lesser cousin” of the feature-length film.  Look for the release of Rosie’s Rescue soon!