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“Rosie’s Rescue” Scheduled for Filming in Henry County

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Cast and Crew of 30 to Make Short Film in New Castle Area 

SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 — NEW CASTLE, INDIANA — For filmmaker and Henry County resident Terry Weston Marsh, there’s no place like home for shooting your next picture.Marsh, who has written and directed projects in Indiana and Michigan, has chosen locations in and around New Castle for filming “Rosie’s Rescue.”

The story follows Rosie, a young woman in crisis who embarks on a quest to find the mysterious man who saved her life as a child. The screenplay was written by Marsh, who will also direct.

The film will be shot entirely on location. “When we started looking for the best places to film, we realized that Henry County had everything we needed,” says Marsh. “Everyone we’ve spoken with about using their house or building as a film set has gone out of their way to be helpful.” Sets will include places in downtown New Castle as well as rural homes and historical landmarks.

The production company, Octave Films, will be patronizing area restaurants, hotels, catering, and other businesses. Marsh says at any given time there will be as many as 30 cast and crew on set, most of them hailing from Indiana and Michigan.

Although the stars have not yet been announced, Marsh says they represent top talent recruited by an Indianapolis casting agency.“I’m excited to be able to work with outstanding professionals in the film industry, and excited to be able to do it here,” says Marsh. “Henry County has so much to offer, and we hope to bring you a movie that engages you, moves you, and ultimately inspires you.”

Principal photography begins October 7 of this year and should take about a week. Following post-production, the film should be ready in early 2020.